Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 - Fully Loaded

“Head into the ‘verse to explore the most action-packed update yet. Whether you’re hauling vital cargo the length of the system, tackling alien hordes, exploring new locations, or risking it all for a place on the podium, Alpha 3.20 is packe”

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 “Fully Loaded” is an exciting update that introduces a range of new features and gameplay experiences. The update includes the “King of Cargo” mission, where players can pilot the MISC Hull C spaceship and immerse themselves in the world of cargo transport. The game’s Arena Commander has also received a revamp, offering multiplayer race tracks and new PvP arena battles for players to engage in. This update truly brings the game to life with its dynamic and action-packed gameplay.

One of the key highlights of Alpha 3.20 is the ability to expand your cargo empire seamlessly across different worlds. Players can now take on missions such as salvage operations and engage in PvP dogfighting skirmishes to enhance their experience. This feature adds depth to the gameplay, allowing players to explore different aspects of the Star Citizen universe and build their own unique empire.

With explosive FPS game modes, players can take part in thrilling mission types such as cover-up missions and engage in intense PvP dogfights. The gameplay is dynamic and immersive, offering a variety of options for players to choose from. Joining multiplayer battles adds another layer of excitement to the gameplay, as players can team up with others or go head-to-head in epic battles.

Overall, Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 “Fully Loaded” is a must-play for fans of the game. The update introduces exciting new features, including the ability to expand your cargo empire, engage in explosive FPS game modes, and participate in exhilarating multiplayer battles. With the seamless integration of different gameplay elements, this update takes the Star Citizen experience to new heights. So gear up and dive into the action-packed world of Star Citizen with the Alpha 3.20 update, available now.