Star Citizen - A trick to get through almost any obstacle - exploring some cool places - 3.17.1

The video showcases a trick in Star Citizen that enables players to bypass obstacles and explore usually inaccessible areas. The narrator takes advantage of this technique to visit different locations, including the Million Mile High Club, Twitch’s hideout, Art Corp, Providence platform, and various places on Hurston, providing an overview of their experiences and discoveries.

The video explores a trick in Star Citizen that allows players to bypass obstacles and explore normally inaccessible areas. The narrator starts by discussing the popularity of the 84b and 85b Gallingans for size 4 and size 5 hardpoints on ships. They encounter a double elevator bug at the Art Club headquarters building at Area 18 but find a workaround by clicking through doors using medical grounds. They use this technique to visit various locations, starting with the Million Mile High Club, a secret bar open to those with 1042 referrals, but find it underwhelming.

The narrator then explores Twitch’s hideout, which normally players cannot enter, and enjoys the views and little areas to explore. They express a fondness for Art Corp, the city in the game, and find joy in discovering spots like the trading floor and Armistice 3 platforms. They also visit the Area 18 tram station and find a blocked-off tunnel adjacent to the spaceport tram, where they explore Platform 2 and enjoy views of the cityscape and giant holographic advertisements.

Moving on to Providence platform in Orison, the narrator looks through windows overlooking the Hercules Star Lift production line. They attempt to get closer to the ships on the platform but encounter instant death. They manage to explore some parts of the platform’s roof and walkways, but in some areas, they receive trespassing warnings. The narrator then visits Cubby Blast at Area 18 and takes a closer look at a robot arm working on a Hornet hull, but finds that there is no collision on these objects.

Finally, the narrator uses the trick to visit various places on Hurston. They share the discovery of a method to get through models and walls by standing on objects like tables or counters, which allows them to explore blocked-off areas like Clovis Workshop, the insurance desk at the hospital, and even the ceiling of the hospital. They acknowledge that these explorations are not intended in the game and will likely be patched, but for now, players can enjoy mischievously getting a closer look at various locations. The video ends with a thank you to the patrons and a referral code for new players.