Star Citizen - 3.3.0t - In-Game Ship Purchases! Let's break things

The video discusses a recent update in the Star Citizen 3.3.0t game, which allows players to purchase ships in-game using in-game currency, yet the feature causes several technical issues. While players are excited about this new aspect, they encountered problems such as server instability, game crashes, and insurance reclaiming issues, which they anticipate will be addressed in future updates.

In this video transcription of the Star Citizen 3.3.0t In-Game Ship Purchases, players are in a newly released PTU (Public Test Universe) build where they are exploring a newly added feature of purchasing ships within the game using in-game currency. There seem to be quite a few technical issues and crashes that the players encounter during their gameplay. They also discuss how the game servers are not being able to cope with the load of the playerbase, possibly due to the recent release of the build and the rush of players testing out new features.

One of the new features added to the game is the in-game ship purchases. Each player was given five million UEC, the in-game currency of Star Citizen, to play with. The ship prices vary from about 200,000 UEC for an entry-level Aurora, to 1.6 million UEC for a mining Prospector and 1.5 million UEC for a Cutlass Black. Players buy the ship, take it for a spin and when it’s destroyed, try to reclaim it on insurance.

However, some problems were registered with the recovery process. The players discovered that the game offers the insurance reclaim option, but upon selecting it, it doesn’t actually work, resulting in a loss of the ship and leaving them unable to reclaim it. The assumption is either that there’s a bug in the system, or the purchased ship becomes a single-use vehicle within the given session.

The star location in this session, Levski on Delamar, is the place where players can purchase ships. The Levski station has a vendor, Teacher’s shop, where the ships are available in the store. However, the stock is relatively limited, with only a few Aurora variations, a Cutlass Black, a civilian Hornet, Buccaneer, and a mining Prospector available. In addition, there were land and atmospheric vehicles available for purchase, such as dragonflies and cyclones, although the latter couldn’t be purchased due to a bug.

Although this build and its functionalities feel a bit clunky and are clearly in testing stages, players express positivity and excitement about the prospect of in-game ship purchases. This plays a key role in building a gameplay loop where players can earn currency and use it to directly influence their gaming experience. Players anticipate that the current issues, including ship reclaiming, server instability and game crashes, will be addressed in future patches. Consequently, the community’s focus is on enjoying the exploration of new features, functionalities and possibilities this PTU build has brought to Star Citizen.