Star Citizen 3.20 Features NOT On The Roadmap

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 introduces several new features that aren’t highlighted on the roadmap. These include the ability to crouch and move at different speeds, rebalanced AI ship difficulty, improved social options, mantling and vaulting, updated cargo grids, connected sandy caves to the mission system, and improvements to the illusion of speed and motion.

Star Citizen Alpha 3.20 is about to be released and there are several new features that have been noticed, but aren’t highlighted on the roadmap. Firstly, players now have the ability to crouch and move at different speeds, offering a more stealthy option for crouching. The AI ship difficulty has been rebalanced, meaning that players will now face different types of ships in bounty and assassination missions, adding variety to gameplay. This change has also extended to salvaging contracts, offering a wider variety of potential loot and salvage.

One major quality of life update is the new social options that allow players to disable friend requests, associated notifications, party invites, and currency transfers. This feature will be helpful in managing unwanted interactions and keeping the game experience more focused. The improved mantling and vaulting feature allows players to jump onto the side of the Cutlass and potentially other surfaces, opening up new exploration and navigation options.

Cargo grids have been updated to accommodate new standard cargo unit box sizes, and items placed on the grid, such as ship weapons and components, will now stay in place, reducing the frustration of items bouncing around during scavenging. Sandy caves have been connected to the mission system, providing new locations for missing person and bounty hunting missions. Additionally, rare mineral deposits called janolite can now be found in the caves, which are worth a significant amount of in-game currency.

Lastly, there have been improvements to the illusion of speed and motion. The addition of more space dust and a visual representation of acceleration and deceleration enhances the sense of movement and speed during flight, providing a more immersive experience. These features, although not prominently highlighted on the roadmap, offer important improvements to gameplay and quality of life for players in Star Citizen Alpha 3.20.