The video is a review of the first impressions of Star Citizen’s 3.19 Public Test Universe (PTU) patch, covering various features such as Salvage contracts, ghost Hollow PVP Mission, tractor beam item attaching and detaching, and density manager Mission update. The player also discusses general stability, Loreville 2.0, and the new player experience with a rebranding of the city, including new signs. The player praises the impressive visuals of the fog and pollution and the architecture, which looks better than before. The PTU is still in wave one, and the player experienced only one freeze, which was annoying. The video ends with a reminder to take everything with a pinch of salt because what works perfectly in PTU may not work in the live game.

Salvage contracts spawn smaller ships that are usually not alone, accompanied by other ships, and other players’ missions. The player lost all the footage of the Salvage Mission, but they will make a dedicated video about this feature. The ghost Hollow PVP Mission is not ready for feedback and testing, and Loreville 2.0 features a new architecture, which looks better with the pollution. The player experienced only one freeze in a two-hour session, and mining was blocked for this particular build, but that is a known issue. The PTU is expected to be released for the Invictus Fleet launch week happening from May 19th to May 30th.