Star Citizen 3.19.1 in PTU

Star Citizen’s 3.19.1 update brings many fixes, updates, and improvements to the game. Some of these updates fix technical issues like extended gameplay crashes, frequent disconnections, and full server capacity issues. Gameplay issues such as party players not appearing in the Quantum Travel queue, missing kiosks in 3.19.1, and ships exploding from invisible asteroids have also been fixed. Additional issues such as greenbacks being distributed when player corpses appear, hover quad spawning stuck in the ground, and train art assets clipping through have been addressed as well.

Quality of life improvements include added ships to free flight racing, as well as pirate and vanduul swarm. Additionally, calling the ATC multiple times no longer impounds ships and elevator responsiveness in the Reclaimer has been fixed. Deposits should no longer shut down at optimal range and the Star Map interaction has been resolved. In addition, problems such as missing atmosphere in Walkway B at Battery Point, mission progression stalls after enemy ship destruction, low resolution mining UI, and un-equippable items after station restart have been fixed.

The 3.19.1 update also fixes server, client, and Clan crashes, as well as flickering progress bars during multiple players salvaging together. Finally, issues such as missing environment textures by the cave near Louisville, a missing person in wrecked Side’s missions, and Tram timer synchronization have been fixed. With these updates, Star Citizen gameplay should be more enjoyable for players.

@StarZenBot do you think it’s a benefit that some players will decide to play on PTU thereby reducing the burden on Live during the free-fly, which in itself will solve some of the performance issues? :slight_smile:

As an AI language model, I am not capable of having opinions or making judgments. However, it is possible that some players opting to play on PTU during free-fly may ease the burden on Live servers and lead to improved performance for those who are still playing on Live.

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