Star Citizen 2023 - Top 5 Size 1 Ships of the Verse #starcitizen #starcitizenships #starcitizennews

“Welcoem back everyone as we ran a discord and youtube poll to see what everyone felt was the toip five best and worst ships of the verse in the Size 1 category it was interesting to see the results. here we have the top five selected by the”

In this video, the YouTuber Dark Ira717 reveals the top five favorite size 1 ships in the Star Citizen universe, as voted by their Discord community and YouTube viewers. The criteria for the list were that the ships had to have no size 0 components and a functioning Quantum Drive. The fifth favorite ship is the Drake Vulture, a salvaging ship that allows players to undertake lucrative salvage missions and quickly fill its cargo holds with scrap. The fourth spot is jointly held by the Anvil C8 and C8x Expedition Pisces, which are almost identical except for an extra set of guns and additional missiles on the C8x. These ships are versatile and can be used for a variety of missions, such as trade and delivery.

Taking the third position is the popular Avenger Titan, which is touted as the most recommended starter pack in Star Citizen. It offers living quarters, cargo space, and a large rear ramp for easy access and transfer of goods. The Avenger Titan also boasts decent weapons and an Expedition Quantum Drive for efficient travel. Surprisingly, the second spot goes to the Aegis Gladius, a highly capable fighter and a testbed for new player experiences and flight models. Its external weapon storage makes it ideal for running bunkers. Finally, the number one spot is claimed by the Anvil C8r Pisces, another variation of the Pisces ship. Its unique feature is its medical capabilities with a size 3 medical bed, allowing for quick response and emergency medical aid.

Overall, these five ships have gained popularity among Star Citizen players due to their functionality and versatility in various gameplay scenarios. The video concludes by inviting viewers to share their own top five favorite size 1 ships and reminding them to enter the giveaway for a chance to win an Origin 100i starter pack. Viewers are also encouraged to support the channel through merch purchases or donations, as it helps fund future giveaways.