Space Games Might NOT SURVIVE It - STARFIELD Must Not Fail

“Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and perhaps one of the most mainstream space games. A lot is riding on the games success, but with the recent failure of so many AAA titles, there is also a lot of understandable c”

OA argues Starfield must not fail upon release, as this could spell disaster for the space gaming genre. The current track record of AAA games has been unimpressive, with the likes of Elite Dangerous Odyssey, Fractured Universe, Starbase, and Kerbal Space Program 2 facing a great deal of problems. However, promises from Microsoft and Bethesda, along with the help of Doom developer ID software for the Starfield combat, give some hope for a successful launch. The ESRB have already given it a mature rating due to its use of drugs, violence, suggestive content and strong language. As such, it’s up to Bethesda to prove that a successful launch for Starfield is possible, and to restore the faith of those belonging to the space game genre.