Small Change In Evocati Procedures Signal Big News

The video discusses important changes happening to the testing group Evocati for Star Citizen. Evocati is being split into smaller “strike groups” to enhance information security and prevent leaks, likely in preparation for testing aspects of the highly anticipated game Squadron 42.

In this video, the speaker discusses some important changes happening to a group called Evocati, which is involved in testing patches for Star Citizen. Evocati is currently testing patch 3.12 and operates under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). However, patch notes are often leaked on Reddit. The speaker mentions that they are no longer part of Evocati, which allows them to share information freely.

The big news is that Evocati is being split into smaller “strike groups” for more specialized testing. The message sent to Evocati members explains that these groups will be formed based on the specific needs of individual features. The purpose of dividing the groups is to enhance information security and prevent leaks. Each group will have limited access to builds related to the feature being tested. Temporary discord servers will be used, and invites will be sent via email.

The speaker raises concerns about potential leaks and the consequences for the entire group if one person decides to leak information. They explain that the most active and dedicated members of Evocati will be selected for each strike group. The speaker hopes that leaks will be minimized, but acknowledges that leaks are possible and could lead to entire groups being “nuked” or disbanded.

The speaker speculates that the reason for these changes to Evocati procedures is likely in preparation for testing aspects of Squadron 42, a highly anticipated game from Star Citizen. They suggest that each strike group will be assigned specific parts of Squadron 42 to test and report back on. The goal is to prevent leaks and allow players to experience Squadron 42 fresh and without spoilers.

The video concludes with the speaker sharing their personal opinion about not wanting to know too much about Squadron 42 or any potential leaks. They express appreciation for the strategy of dividing Evocati into smaller groups and hope that it will be effective. The video ends by asking viewers to share their thoughts and preferences regarding Squadron 42 and the discussed content.