#shorts MOZA FSR Button LED Customize

The Moza FSR Button LED Customize is a premium F1-style wheel with a telemetry screen. In the video, the speaker mentions that they are working on a review of this product but had difficulty customizing the illuminated buttons. However, they discovered that the customization process can be done directly on the wheel itself, rather than through software. To do this, the speaker instructs viewers to press in on both vertical rotaries until the shift bar blinks green. Then, they can press on the buttons to advance them to the next color, and when satisfied, press again on the rotaries to lock in the customization.

The speaker finds the customization process to be simple and straightforward, which is in line with what one would expect from a channel that focuses on reviewing such products. They encourage viewers to subscribe and enable notifications to stay updated on the full review of the Moza FSR Button LED Customize, as well as other reviews. The video concludes with a reminder to drive safely.