Salvaging Cargo From Bounties in Star Citizen How Much Money Can You Make ?

The video follows a player in Star Citizen as they test the profitability of salvaging cargo from bounty hunting missions. They successfully salvage cargo containers from enemy ships, store them in their Corsair ship, and express their excitement about potentially making money from the salvaged goods.

The video begins with the player flying the Corsair ship in Star Citizen. They are on a mission to determine if salvaging cargo containers from bounty hunting missions is profitable. They explain that some ships with cargo holds have cargo inside, so they set out to test if it is worth salvaging these containers.

The player navigates through the star map to Crusader and attempts to find a bounty hunting mission with cargo. However, they are disappointed to find that there are no regular missions available. They decide to take a security work mission instead.

The player engages in several bounty hunting missions, destroying enemy ships and completing objectives. They encounter various types of enemy ships, including the Eclipse, Freelancer Missile, and Mustang Delta.

After successfully completing the missions, the player discovers that some of the ships have cargo containers. They salvage the cargo and store it in the Corsair’s cargo hold. The player expresses their excitement at the prospect of making money from salvaging cargo.

They decide to go to an outpost on the moon’s surface to repair the ship and check the cargo manifest. The player explores the outpost and finds some loot, including water bottles and clothing. They then check the cargo manifest in the ship and discover what items are in the cargo hold.

Finally, they continue on their bounty hunting missions and arrive at the Yellow Wreck Site. They encounter NPCs and destroy enemy ships, but are disappointed to find that none of the ships have cargo containers. They are left wondering if they will find more profitable missions with cargo in the future.