SaltEMike Shares the Details NOT in the 3.20 Notes!

In a video, SaltEMike shares details about the Star Citizen 3.20 update, including gameplay features such as automated cargo transfer for the Hull C ship, a new mission called “Salvage Cover-up,” and the implementation of vaulting and mantling. He also leaks information about changes to mining mechanics, highlighting the importance of player feedback in assessing the effectiveness of these updates.

In a video, SaltEMike discusses the details of the Star Citizen 3.20 update. He begins by calming viewers down regarding a previous concern and proceeds to go through the patch notes. He mentions that there are only two server regions in the initial wave of the update, and then focuses on the gameplay features. One of these features is the addition of an automated cargo transfer experience in the PU, specifically for the Hull C ship. Players will need to go to a loading area, retrieve their vehicle, and call the cargo services to get assigned a loading area. Cargo will then be added to the ship’s cargo grids over a period of approximately five minutes, depending on the load size.

SaltEMike also mentions the addition of a new mission called “Salvage Cover-up,” where players are tasked with stripping the hull of a Nine Tails ship to prevent their involvement in a crime. He expresses frustration with the “Underground Facilities” update, as it does not match the expectations set during its announcement. The update also includes improvements to wheeled vehicle handling and a rebalance of AI ship difficulty.

A significant feature added is the implementation of vaulting and mantling, which allows players to grab ledges, jump and vault, and mantle high and low obstacles. This feature also allows Cutlass pilots to enter their ship from the side doors. SaltEMike then briefly mentions bug fixes and moves on to Arena Commander updates, such as a unified lobby system, new rewards, and badges for various achievements.

Finally, SaltEMike leaks information about changes to mining mechanics in the 3.20 update. He explains that there are new changes to how instability affects mining, adding more skill and strategy to the process. Laser power now influences instability, and the rate at which a laser charges a rock depends on the power level. The presence of specific elements in rock types is also correlated with instability. SaltEMike emphasizes that feedback from players is important in assessing the effectiveness of these changes. He concludes by stating that if players enjoy mining, they will likely appreciate these updates.