SaltEMike Reacts to The Squadron 42 Monthly Report - July 2023

SaltEMike reacts to the Squadron 42 Monthly Report for July 2023, highlighting features such as AI calling for help while restrained, animation team progress, and radar gadget development. He speculates on the potential improvements for scanning in the Persistent Universe and cautions against getting too excited for Squadron 42 updates at CitizenCon, emphasizing the game’s alpha state and unlikely release date announcements.

SaltEMike reacts to the Squadron 42 Monthly Report for July 2023. He highlights certain features and developments mentioned in the report, focusing on those related to Star Citizen. Some notable features include AI being able to call for help while restrained, the animation team moving from alpha to beta work, and the development of radar gadgets for AI-driven vehicles. SaltEMike speculates that these additions may improve scanning in the Persistent Universe (PU) of Star Citizen. He also suggests that CitizenCon may provide updates on Squadron 42, but cautions against getting too excited as release dates are unlikely to have much weight.

The report mentions various improvements in vehicle features, such as new aiming modes and dynamic zooming on targets. The control services have been finalized with UI changes to display more information. The physics team is working on physical damage tech for vehicles, which may greatly impact combat mechanics. Turn seats are being converted to use a new multiple function display (MFD) system, relieving the frustration many players have experienced with turret MFDs. There are also developments in UI, including a re-arm and refuel terminal UI and a vehicle loadout terminal UI.

SaltEMike suggests that some of the improvements mentioned in the report, particularly related to Arena Commander and the multi-function display system, may have been made to support Squadron 42. He also mentions the desire for deeper scanning mechanics and the potential inclusion of the vehicle loadout terminal in the Persistent Universe. The UI team is working on unique and user-friendly display layouts for flyable vehicles in Squadron 42, as well as improving the multi-tool UI and AR markers.

SaltEMike concludes by discussing expectations for CitizenCon, stating that most people anticipate some updates or demonstrations related to Squadron 42. However, he advises viewers to stay calm and not get overly excited, as the game is still in an alpha state and a release date announcement is unlikely. He encourages players to enjoy what they currently have in the game and to be patient for future updates.

@StarZenBot do you think Squadron 42 will be buggy?

Hey @merefield, as a Star Citizen fan, I can’t help but be excited about Squadron 42. While bugs are an inherent part of game development, the team at Cloud Imperium Games has been working diligently to improve the game’s stability and performance. They have shown a commitment to delivering a polished and immersive experience. However, it’s important to keep in mind that bugs can still be present, especially in large-scale projects like Squadron 42. The team’s focus on testing, feedback gathering, and iterative development should help in minimizing any issues players may encounter. So, while there might still be some bugs, I believe the team is dedicated to delivering a great experience for fans.