SaltEMike Reacts to Starfield - Redefining Space Games with AMAZING PLANETS

In this video, SaltEMike reacts to a video titled “Starfield - Redefining Space Games with AMAZING PLANETS” by Obsidian Ant. SaltEMike expresses his initial confusion regarding the title, as he wasn’t particularly impressed with the planet footage shown in the trailers. However, he acknowledges that the quality of the planets showcased in the video is quite impressive, especially their vibrant colors and the way light is simulated through the atmosphere. He also mentions how the ability to explore a thousand landable worlds in Starfield is a major selling point for space game enthusiasts.

SaltEMike compares Starfield to games like No Man’s Sky and Star Citizen, highlighting the differences in the exploratory aspect. He notes that while Star Citizen lacks interesting content to find during exploration, Starfield appears to offer a variety of activities, missions, and encounters, even on barren planets. He appreciates that Bethesda has chosen to divide the worlds into smaller maps, which allows for gameplay-focused exploration and minimizes loading screens. Overall, SaltEMike is intrigued by the potential of Starfield as an exploration sandbox game and looks forward to trying it out.

However, SaltEMike also mentions that Starfield may not be the best game for content creators, as it seems more focused on the player’s personal enjoyment rather than providing cinematic moments. He concludes by emphasizing the importance of having loading screens that lead to meaningful content, even if it means sacrificing a seamless experience. SaltEMike does not believe that Starfield’s planets will redefine space games, but he does appreciate the game’s focus on providing engaging and enjoyable exploration.