SaltEMike Reacts to Star Citizen 3.20 Roadmap?

On May 3rd, 2023, the game development team released a monthly report and a roadmap roundup which included notable changes, such as progress tracker changes, ship trespass, and new missions to retrieve consignments. The interior of player ships is now considered trespass zones for those without permission to enter. Permission can be granted via the party system until more complex systems for managing crew and passengers are created. Players who trespass aboard a ship can be attacked by the owner of the ship and any player in their party without fear of committing a crime. The team also committed to the Hull C heavy cargo hauler, which is a ship that cargo enthusiasts are excited about. However, there are concerns that changes need to be made to the economy in order to accommodate this ship.

In addition to the roadmap roundup and the report, the team released patch 3.19 which includes updates to the Salvage missions, where players who show up at somebody else’s Salvage mission will get trespassed, leading to more consequences for actions. A new mission called Retrieve Consignment requires players to locate critical items in Consignment lists and extract them. The mission requires players to take each item and return it to an Covalex terminal.