SaltEMike Reacts to Roadmap Rounup September 6, 2023

SaltEMike reacted to the Roadmap Roundup on September 6, 2023, expressing curiosity about new cards and the upcoming ship sale focused on racing. He voiced concerns about past experiences with CitizenCon, calling for more meaningful updates that align with player expectations and emphasizing the need for community input in quality of life changes and various content.

SaltEMike reacts to the Roadmap Roundup on September 6, 2023. He mentions that there are notable changes, such as new cards being added to the release view, specifically a ship sale focused on racing. He expresses curiosity about the furies and whether players will be able to place guns on them. He is interested in trying out racing with the furies.

Moving on to the progress tracker update, SaltEMike discusses the Q3 schedules for the nap gameplay feature and vehicle gameplay feature teams. He notes that the nap gameplay feature team is primarily working on freight elevators and persistent hangars, which he believes are important for the economy to function properly in the game. SaltEMike anticipates that these features should be polished and finalized before being implemented.

SaltEMike also mentions the vehicle gameplay feature team, who are working on jump points and resource management. He comments that the resource management aspect extends further than what the vehicle team is working on. He relates this to the upcoming CitizenCon event and expresses concern over work being done solely for that event without any relevance or benefit to the players.

SaltEMike emphasizes the importance of consistent quality of life updates, mentioning that the current list of improvements in patch 3.20 is small compared to the larger list of improvements still needed. He expresses frustration with previous CitizenCon events where work seemed to be wasted or not implemented in a timely manner. He calls for the community’s input to be considered not only for quality of life changes, but also for various content, including videos, social media, and community events like CitizenCon.

Despite initially appearing excited about the upcoming jump points, SaltEMike concludes that he is not actually enthusiastic due to past experiences with CitizenCon. He expresses disappointment in the focus on non-gameplay features or things that won’t be seen in the near future. He stresses the need for meaningful and relevant updates that align with player expectations.