SaltEMike Reacts to Org Banks In Star Citizen 3.19 | Alpha Citizen

The popular space simulation video game Star Citizen provides a vast array of possibilities for players to explore and experience. A new feature, introduced in Star Citizen 3.19, enables more organised team play by providing shared inventories between players. In this video Alpha Citizen explains a possible way of creating a de facto org bank in the persistent universe.

Firstly, Alpha Citizen gives an overview of the different ways an org bank might be established; there is the easy mode of loading up a big ship’s storage and storing it in a dry dock and never flying it, the medium difficulty of loading a gear on someone’s alt character and storing it in deep space or planetside, and the hardcore mode of actually flying the ship and trying to protect it.

In Star Citizen 3.19, an additional hidden feature is mentioned which is an external shared storage that can be found in certain ships such as the Anvil Carrick, the Origin Jumpworks 300 series, the Drake Cutlass and the UEE Redeemer. This secret wall plate not only allows org mates to access each other’s gear, but also has the potential to stock the medical bed with consumables for players who have need of them. This would eliminate the need to drop items all over the ground, and instead make them accessible to all players as an org bank.

Alpha Citizen wraps up by highlighting the importance of server shards and suggests having service beacons to get back to the same server should it have crashed. With the advent of these shared inventories, one can easily share inventory with party members before org events, making it easier to gear up multiple players at once. This implementation does not even require the banker player to be online, just a few players donating items to fill each team’s bank prior to an event. It is an interesting and useful new feature in Star Citizen, brought to gamers by Alpha Citizen.