SaltEMike Reacts to It's A No From Me - Pyro Is Too Savage For a Cargo Runner in Star Citizen

In this video, SaltEMike reacts to a Star Citizen gameplay video by Noobs Gaming about the challenges of cargo running in the lawless system of Pyro. SaltEMike discusses the risks and need for protection, while also highlighting that Pyro’s combat-focused gameplay may not be suitable for passive cargo runners.

In this video, SaltEMike reacts to a Star Citizen gameplay video titled “Pyro is Too Savage for a Cargo Runner” by Noobs Gaming. SaltEMike mentions that he frequently watches Noobs Gaming for his chill cargo hauling content and highly recommends checking out his channel. He expresses his anticipation to see how Pyro, a lawless system in Star Citizen, affects gameplay for cargo runners like himself.

As the video starts, SaltEMike realizes that it is an hour-long stream and decides to only watch a portion of it. He mentions that Pyro is a challenging place for a passive player like him who is more interested in cargo running. The video shows Noobs Gaming immediately encountering an attack by a saber raven ship, which reinforces SaltEMike’s belief that Pyro is not an ideal place for cargo running.

SaltEMike discusses the need for protection for cargo runners in Pyro due to its lawless nature, as there are constant threats and risks. He highlights the importance of having friends or allies to scout the locations and provide support. He also mentions that solo cargo running in Pyro could be extremely challenging and may require advancements in ship capabilities or stealth mechanisms.

SaltEMike also mentions that Pyro’s gameplay may not align with his preferences as an industrial player who enjoys passive gameplay and cargo hauling. He acknowledges that Pyro offers exciting opportunities for combat-oriented players but suggests that for someone like him, sticking to safe systems like Stanton may be more suitable.

In conclusion, SaltEMike appreciates Noobs Gaming’s realistic and balanced perspective on Pyro, acknowledging its dangers and potential rewards. He mentions that he might consider scouting Pyro with a scout ship to explore its locations without actively engaging in combat. Overall, SaltEMike emphasizes the need for caution and proper preparation for cargo runners in Pyro, as well as the importance of finding gameplay that aligns with individual preferences.