SaltEMike Reacts to An Interview With The Riot MMO Developers | Necrit

Necrit had the opportunity to visit Riot Studios and interview the Riot MMO team. The interview was recorded in a meeting room, so the audio quality was not the best. Necrit asked broad questions to try and get some information about the project, but he knew the team couldn’t reveal specific details. The team discussed their approach to creating the MMO and emphasized the importance of delivering something exceptional and true to their players’ dreams. They also mentioned the challenge of finding the right balance between staying true to the core MMO experience and introducing new elements.

Necrit expressed his excitement about the Riot MMO, comparing it to World of Warcraft and mentioning the potential for success due to Riot’s existing player base and rich lore. He also mentioned his concern about getting hyped for a project without knowing much about it, as seen with other MMOs like Star Citizen. However, he had confidence in Riot’s ability to deliver based on their track record.

Overall, while the team could not discuss specific features or release dates, the interview provided some insight into the passion and dedication behind the Riot MMO project. The team acknowledged the influence of classic MMOs like World of Warcraft and expressed their desire to create something unique and exceptional. They also highlighted the importance of community and player interaction in their game and discussed the challenges of striking the right balance between innovation and familiarity.