RSI Polaris Exterior | A Star Citizen's First Look

The video by YouTuber Subliminal provides a first look at the RSI Polaris exterior in Star Citizen, showcasing its massive size, combat capabilities, and intricate design details. Subliminal discusses the ship’s technical specifications, potential customization options, and excitement for its future release, offering a detailed overview of the Polaris and setting the stage for further exploration in upcoming videos.

In the video, the YouTuber Subliminal provides a first look at the RSI Polaris exterior in Star Citizen. The ship is showcased at Invictus in the PTU, but it is not yet flyable and lacks an interior. Subliminal notes the massive size of the Polaris, pointing out its torpedo holes and missile placements, indicating its combat capabilities. The ship also features man turrets with varying sizes of weapons, suggesting a versatile combat role.

Moving on to a top view of the Polaris, Subliminal highlights additional man turrets and remote turrets with different weapon sizes. He comments on the ship’s design, likening it to a mix of a Constellation and a Javelin, noting its unique aesthetics and aerodynamic features. The YouTuber attempts to explore the ship’s underside, pointing out sensor arrays and thrusters, showcasing the intricate details of the exterior design.

Subliminal delves into the technical specifications of the Polaris, detailing its various weapon systems, shield generator, power plant, and other components. He mentions the ship’s significant cargo capacity, speed capabilities, and class as a Corvette, emphasizing its role as a capital ship. The YouTuber also highlights the absence of paint options for the Polaris in the current game files, indicating potential future customization options.

The video includes a brief look at other ships on display, such as the Zeus MR and the Origin G12A R, providing additional context within the Star Citizen universe. Subliminal expresses excitement for the Polaris to become flyable, as teased during CitizenCon, and hints at future content once the ship is officially released. He concludes the video by signing off and mentioning plans for future videos on the Polaris, despite not owning one personally. Overall, the video offers a detailed overview of the RSI Polaris exterior and its features, setting the stage for further exploration and analysis in upcoming content.