Risky Salvage - 10m aUEC in 2 hours!!

“Not going to lie this one seems like it might be a bit of a miscalculation / balance issue but I know so many people have lost a lot of progress with the wipe that wasn’t a wipe that I can live with it. Plus it’s actually pretty fun gamepla”

In update 3.20 of the game, there has been a situation where some players have lost their ships. To help players recover their lost credits, the risky salvage missions have become a lucrative option. These missions require players to have a salvaging ship, such as the Drake Vulture, which can be purchased for around 1.3 million credits. If players don’t have their own salvaging ship, they can join a crew or borrow one from other players.

To begin with, players need to build up their reputation by completing legal missions. Once they have achieved a certain reputation level, they can access the 30k risky salvage missions. These missions involve trespassing on a claim and require players to travel through asteroids and debris to reach the target ship. The cargo containers on these ships hold valuable items that can be sold for a high price.

Using a larger ship like the Hercules C2 is recommended for maximum earning potential, as it has a larger cargo hold. Players should bring a tractor beam, armor, and a gun for protection. When looting the cargo, players should be selective and only take the most valuable items. The new feature in update 3.20 allows players to see the value of the cargo when using the tractor beam.

Once the cargo hold is full, players can cash out by heading to a scrapyard to sell the loot. It is important to be cautious while landing at the scrapyard, as there is no Armistice Zone and it can be a prime location for pirate attacks. Players should sell their most valuable cargo first and be aware of a bug that may cause the cargo to disappear if attempting to sell large quantities at once.

By following this method, players can earn around 10 million credits in just over an hour. However, it is likely that this method will be nerfed in future updates, so players are encouraged to take advantage of it while they can. This method requires players to actively play the game, utilizing their flying, EVA, and logistics skills.