Results LTI Polaris Giveaway 3.19 Celebrate

Anubisfire, a YouTuber, recently surpassed their goal of 75,000 subscribers and thanked their supporters with a giveaway. Out of 6200 entries, three winners were selected by a random number generator to receive a Polaris Lifetime Insurance, Mirai Fury, and an RSI Lynx with champagne in-game.

Scammers were warned by Anubisfire not to try and tamper with their contest. The winners may have missed the notification due to the messages going to their spam folder, so they were encouraged to contact Anubisfire however they see fit. The goal of Anubisfire’s channel is to grow and they would not be able to do this without the help of Star Citizen fans.

Anubisfire thanked the supporters of their channel once again before sign-off and told the winners to fly safe. They concluded the video with a link and invited viewers to join them in the verse. Music then faded out to signal the end of the video.