Rental ROC 90-Minute Challenge | Star Citizen 3.19 4K Gameplay

“This video showcases Star Citizen ROC mining gameplay, for 90 minutes of rental time. The video is set against some gameplay footage from Star Citizen patch 3.19.”

In this video, the narrator takes on the challenge of mining with the Grey Cat ROC in Star Citizen. They start by discussing the option to rent or buy the ROC and conclude that renting is more cost-effective for shorter play sessions. They head to the moon Daymar and begin the timed run. They find a cluster of rocks containing valuable minerals like Hadanite and begin mining. The process is shown in sped-up footage, creating a relaxing and visually pleasing experience. They encounter some obstacles, such as parking the ROC onto the Cutlass Black and struggling with ramps, but overcome them. Finally, after mining for about an hour, they sell their haul for a substantial profit of around 200,000 credits. The narrator thanks viewers for suggestions and shows the potential profitability of less selective mining.