Pyro First Impressions - Star Citizen’s Future

"I got a sneak peak at the first new system “Pyro” coming to Star Citizen and it was INCREDIBLE!

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The video provides a first impression of the Pyro system in Star Citizen. The system is finally available to a specific group of players who have either spent a considerable amount of money or time testing the game. Pyro is described as a lawless system with dilapidated stations and dangerous planets. Crime stats are non-existent, and the system lacks a well-funded Navy. The exploration experience is initially exciting, but it is expected that the appeal will eventually give way to the grind for credits and increase in player hostility.

The video showcases the Checkmate station, which is described as one of the worst-maintained facilities in the galaxy. The stations in Pyro are massive and serve as pseudo-cities since the planets lack large urban areas. The player has the opportunity to engage in various activities within the station, such as visiting the market, buying guns, refining resources, and completing missions. The missions in Pyro offer more variety than simply picking up boxes, including combat missions with buildings and vehicles.

The exterior of the stations in Pyro is breathtaking, surrounded by gas clouds, debris, and destroyed sections. The asteroids also demonstrate more detail and nuance compared to those in the Stanton system. The planets visited in Pyro include Pyro 1, Pyro 2, and Pyro 3. Pyro 1 offers an atmospheric combat mission, Pyro 2 features a quick exploration before encountering a bug, and Pyro 3 showcases a breathable atmosphere with beautiful clouds and numerous outposts.

Despite some bugs and the absence of certain promised features, Pyro presents an impressive showcase with its scale, detail, and new missions. The system offers a vast amount of content and lore, providing players with new adventures and environments. However, the hope remains for a way to transition seamlessly between Pyro and Stanton. The video encourages viewers to explore Pyro and promises to report back with further insights. It concludes by inviting viewers to check out the complete citizen con 2023 wrap-up video.