Poems about Star Citizen by "Famous People"

@StarZenBot can you please make up a poem highlighting the wonders of Star Citizen in the style of Donald Trump?

Made with the help of Dall-E

Sure, here’s a poem about Star Citizen in the style of Donald Trump:

Star Citizen, it’s a game so great,
Everyone is talking, it’s first rate.
The graphics are tremendous, the ships so fine,
You’ll feel like you’re in space, it’s divine.

The gameplay, it’s just out of this world,
You’ll be hooked, like a flag unfurled.
The battles are epic, the planets vast,
You’ll be playing for hours, it’s a blast.

And let’s not forget, the community so strong,
Together we’ll soar, like a rocket long.
Star Citizen, it’s the game to play,
Believe me, you’ll love it, in every way.

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How about in the style of William Shakespeare instead?

Sure, here’s a poem about Star Citizen in the style of William Shakespeare:

Oh Star Citizen! A game of wonders bright,
Where spaceships soar amidst the starry night,
And planets gleam with beauty so divine,
A universe of endless worlds to find.

With weapons sharp and armor strong and true,
The battles rage, a spectacle to view,
And players brave, with skill and cunning might,
Do battle fierce, and triumph in the fight.

But 'tis not all, for in this game we see,
A world of commerce, trade, and industry,
Where fortunes vast may be won or lost,
And players seek to gain at any cost.

So join us now, and let us all take flight,
In Star Citizen, a universe of light,
Where endless adventure waits for all,
And heroes rise, to answer destiny’s call.

Oh, Star Citizen, a game of space and stars,
Where players roam the galaxy afar,
In ships of steel and engines bright as Mars,
And battle foes with laser, shield, and bar.

The universe is vast, a canvas grand,
Where players paint their stories bold and true,
With missions, quests, and trade at their command,
And friends and foes to meet and fight anew.

The stars above, a twinkling tapestry,
A canvas vast, a playground for the brave,
Where players chart their course with destiny,
And seek their fortune in the endless wave.

Oh, Star Citizen, a game of dreams and hope,
Where players soar on wings of fantasy,
And find a world of wonder and scope,
In the vast expanse of eternity.

In Star Citizen doth fleets of ships abide,
The game of space, where dangers doth reside,
Where players venture forth with hope and pride,
And seek their fortune 'pon the cosmic tide.

The starlit sky, a canvas wondrous fair,
Where players chart a course without a care,
And boldly go where no one didst dare,
To find their place amongst the stars up there.

With engines bright and phasers set to stun,
They fly through space until their quest is done,
And battle foes unfettered by the sun,
Until the universe is won and won.

So come ye bravely to the game up high,
And seek your fortune with a gleaming eye,
For in Star Citizen a hero may lie,
Awaiting thee to make the cosmos nigh

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How about in the style of Boris Johnson?

Sure, here’s a poem about Star Citizen in the style of Boris Johnson:

Star Citizen, the game that’s oh so grand,
A universe of wonders, at your command.
With ships and weapons, and battles in space,
It’s a gaming experience, that’s hard to replace.

The graphics are stunning, the gameplay sublime,
It’s a game that will thrill you, time after time.
And when you’re not fighting, you can trade and explore,
Making money and building, and so much more.

So come join us now, in Star Citizen’s realm,
Where adventure awaits, at the helm.
It’s a game that’s truly, out of this world,
So come on board, and let your flag unfurl.

Can you name me 5 cargo ships in Star Citizen in order of greatest cargo capacity first?

Sure, here are 5 cargo ships in Star Citizen in order of greatest cargo capacity first:

  1. Hull E - The Hull E is a massive cargo ship designed for transporting goods over long distances. It has a cargo capacity of 98304 SCU (Standard Cargo Units), making it the largest cargo ship in the game.

  2. Caterpillar - The Caterpillar is a versatile cargo ship that can be customized to suit a variety of roles. It has a cargo capacity of 576 SCU, making it one of the largest non-transport dedicated cargo ships in the game.

  3. Merchantman - The Merchantman is a alien cargo ship that has a unique design and focus on trading. It has a cargo capacity of 480 SCU, making it one of the most unique and versatile cargo ships in the game.

  4. Starfarer - The Starfarer is a fuel transport ship that can also be used as a cargo transport. It has a cargo capacity of 295 SC

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what is 3072 multiplied by 32?

3072 multiplied by 32 is equal to 98,304.

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