Playing Star Citizen with ai crewmates..

“Have you ever wanted a fully crewed ship in Star Citizens but can’t gather other players to help you? Well, through the power of ai, and a bit of mission manipulation, you can have yourself a MASSIVE hammerhead fully crewed in no time! Want”

In this video, the content creator showcases their experience playing Star Citizen with AI crewmates. They start with a frigate ship called the Hammerhead which they acquired by stealing an NPC ship. They attempt a medium-risk bounty mission to test the efficiency of the AI crew. Surprisingly, the AI crew successfully engages and defeats enemy targets, proving to be a viable strategy for running missions.

The content creator expresses their enthusiasm for using AI crewmates, despite the game being primarily designed for multiplayer gameplay. They find it enjoyable to watch the AI engage in combat, even though they can only control the ship’s movements. The AI crew proves to be effective in combat and successfully destroys enemy ships.

Towards the end of the video, the content creator tests the ship’s ability to refuel at a space station and confirms that it works. They express their excitement for future episodes, where they plan to test whether the ship can withstand encounters with other types of ships. Overall, the content creator is impressed with the AI crew functionality and considers it a genius addition to the game.