Player Owned Space Stations in Star Citizen to Become a Reality #starcitizen #citizencon

During CitizenCon, Todd Papy hinted at the possibility of players owning their own space stations in Star Citizen, a departure from previous concerns about cluttering the game. This feature would provide practical benefits such as quick access to medical facilities and offer more gameplay options, including defenses and potential space battles between stations.

During CitizenCon, Todd Papy made an intriguing comment about the possibility of players owning their own space stations in Star Citizen. This is a significant departure from previous statements by Chris Roberts, who expressed concerns about having too many space stations cluttering up the game. However, with millions of players in the game, it is necessary to find ways to spread them out and provide more options. Additionally, it makes sense in the 30th century setting that there would be private space stations and facilities such as hydroponics and medical facilities.

Having player-owned space stations would provide practical benefits, such as having space hospitals for injured players to quickly access rather than having to travel back to a planet. It would also allow for various types of space stations, such as storage facilities or hangars for ships. It would provide more convenience for players who prefer to avoid the atmosphere of a planet.

In terms of gameplay mechanics, it is suggested that player-owned space stations should have defenses and safe zones, similar to player outposts. Additionally, with the introduction of destructible elements in the game, it would be interesting to have space stations be destructible as well. Players could have the ability to defend their stations, pay taxes for protection from the UE, and potentially engage in space battles with other stations.

Overall, the addition of player-owned space stations would further expand the possibilities and scope of Star Citizen, bringing it closer to the vision of a game that encompasses all aspects of space exploration and gameplay. The statement by Todd Papy indicates a shift in perspective and a recognition of the potential benefits and player demand for this feature.