Our Community Concerns - Not About Claim Timers! May 30 2023

In this episode of Community Concerns, Anubifier discusses topics relevant to the game giveaway about to take place. He introduces the fact that the channel can hit 100,000 subscribers soon and could be considering an interesting giveaway. He then dives into a discussion happening on the Spectrum forum, on the subject of the low sales numbers for CIG’s game in 2023 compared to past years. He jokes about CIG not changing their priorities until there is a drop in funding and there are contrasting arguments from different people in the community about the numbers both from 2022 and 2023. He presents the idea of vanity armour, and a proper retrieval loop for purchased items and offers a solution for the medical gowns issue which is causing a large number of server issues.

The discussion Anubifier dives into from the Spectrum forum touches on a few topics related to the game. The low sales numbers for 2023 come in to question and leads to debate about whether it is worse than previous years. CIG’s priorities towards fixing the game are discussed and the importance of consistent communication between the developer and the community. Suggestions of vanity armour and a retrieval loop for purchased items are discussed and potential solutions are offered for the medical gowns issue.

The discussion that Anubifier highlights provides an insight into the areas that the community is discussing and how they feel about current topics related to the game. There is a variety of opinions around the low sales numbers, consistent communication and potential solutions for server issues. It’s clear that the community is invested in the game and committed to pushing for the best quality they can achieve. Anubifier’s discussion encourages a conversation between other players and provides a platform for the community to voice their opinions.