NPC Improvements coming to Star Citizen 3.19?

The video is a review of the updates to the FPS AI in Star Citizen 3.19. The creator notes that while AI improvements are often mentioned in monthly reports, they are rarely visible in the game. The update is designed to make the AI more realistic, lifelike and forgiving, and includes accuracy modifiers that take into account factors such as how long the enemy sees its target. The changes should give players more of a chance to win and give NPCs more human-like behaviour.

The video then shows the creator’s experience of the new AI in two different bunker locations, one of which has NPCs stuck in spawn lockers while the other has NPCs that shoot and are more responsive. Although the creator managed to kill the NPCs, they noted that the AI was not responding as much as expected, making it easier to finish them off. They also appreciated the marker that told them where the last NPCs were, although they thought it was a little too overpowered.

The creator invites viewers to share their experience with NPC bunkers and notes that this month, they are giving away a Prospector in a giveaway on Gleam, which would be useful for the upcoming mining improvements in 3.19.