Nomad Starter Ship Review - Star Citizen's Pickup Truck

“In this video, I take you through the new Nomad from Consolidated Outlands in Star Citizen, the game’s latest ship that is more akin to a pickup than any other ship. I take you through the design, features, handling, and combat capabilities”

This video review discusses the Nomad, a new ship from Consolidated Outlands in Star Citizen. The reviewer starts by mentioning that the ship has a unique design, with quirky features like hover gravlev landing gear and an exposed rear cargo bay, resembling a pickup truck. While the design may be divisive, the reviewer personally finds it appealing and distinct. However, they criticize the lack of direct access to the rear cargo bay from the cabin, finding it inconvenient and unnecessary.

Moving on to the ship’s interior, the reviewer notes that it unexpectedly offers a spacious living quarters and incorporates orange accents to highlight structural elements. The ship also includes a storage cabinet, a toilet, and a dinette area with a pull-out seat. The interior design efficiently utilizes space, allowing for ease of access to ship components. The reviewer has no qualms about the interior design except for the access issue mentioned earlier.

Next, the reviewer examines the flight seat and canopy, mentioning that they offer comfort and excellent visibility. The ship’s control console and MFDS (multi-function displays) have a futuristic design, relying on touch screens instead of traditional toggle switches. The reviewer appreciates this design choice as it aligns with the game’s futuristic setting.

Regarding the ship’s flight characteristics, the reviewer notes that it feels heavy and handles somewhere between an Aurora and a Mustang. However, they criticize the ship’s fuel consumption, which is among the worst in the game. This means that the ship may have limited endurance and requires frequent refueling, contradicting its intended role as a nomadic vessel. Despite this, the Nomad has utility as it can carry the ROC, a profitable ground mining vehicle, making it a convenient option for mining activities on planets or moons.

In terms of combat capabilities, the Nomad is described as a jack of all trades but a master of none. It features size 2 missile launchers and three size 3 hardpoints, making it decent in combat, especially when upgraded with three size 3 shields. However, the reviewer emphasizes that the Nomad’s limited maneuverability and hardpoint size prevent it from excelling in combat. Additionally, its 24 SCU (Standard Cargo Units) cargo capacity is too small for efficient money-making, aside from potentially carrying volatile cargo in the future.

Overall, the Nomad is considered a unique and curious ship with potential appeal for players interested in its unconventional design and cargo-hauling capabilities. However, its fuel efficiency and the lack of direct access to the cargo bay are noted as significant drawbacks. The reviewer suggests that if these issues were resolved, the Nomad could be a more compelling option for players looking for a stepping stone ship in their progression in Star Citizen.