No mans sky frontiers update speculation

“Hi everyone! Today we speculate (and apply a little common sense) to the upcoming Frontiers update and have a look at a super coolio mountainous world in V1.0 with my CHIMERA testing.”

In this video, the creator discusses their excitement about the upcoming “Frontiers” update for No Man’s Sky. Although there is limited information available about the update, the creator speculates on what it might entail based on the title and an emoji shared by the developers. The definition of “frontiers” suggests the possibility of new areas to explore and a visual overhaul. The creator expresses their desire for a procedural generation overhaul and more variety in the game, and hopes that the update will bring these improvements. They acknowledge that other speculations focus on base building, combat enhancements, and owning space stations, but argue that these aspects do not match the definition of “frontiers” as closely. The creator concludes by expressing their love for No Man’s Sky and their anticipation for the update.