Next Level Racing - Pro Seat Pro Stand Review - Sim on a budget

The reviewer discusses the Next Level Racing Pro Seat Pro Stand, a budget-friendly option for simulating flight or driving experiences. They explain that while they have tested various individual sim gear before, this is the first complete sim-based system they have reviewed. The system aims to provide a more immersive experience by offering adjustable and modular components. The reviewer compares it to other expensive options in the market and highlights the affordability and potential for future upgrades.

The Next Level Racing Pro Seat Pro Stand comes with a sturdy chair that can recline and includes a chair slider for added adjustability. While the chair may not be as comfortable as higher-end options, it can easily be replaced in the future with a more comfortable chair such as the Sparco R100. The reviewer also mentions the presence of a lumbar pillow and optional harness belts for a more realistic experience.

The reviewer praises the build quality and fit and finish of the Next Level Racing Pro Seat Pro Stand. The system is made of steel rather than aluminum, resulting in a more affordable product. The reviewer appreciates the attention to detail in the packaging, with all the bolts and hardware neatly organized. They also highlight the modularity and adjustability of the system, allowing users to configure it according to their needs and preferences. Overall, the reviewer considers the Next Level Racing Pro Seat Pro Stand a great option for those looking to start a sim setup on a budget, and they believe it offers good value for the price.