NEW Space Combat Game with a Twist - Space Reign

"Space Reign blends RTS with regular ship combat, leading to an intriguing hybrid. The title is being developed by Propulsive Games, and is focused on tactical gameplay, as well as full on fleet combat.

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“Space Reign” is a challenging yet captivating space combat game that offers a unique twist. Players control a fleet of ships, but can also command a lone fighter or a large ship at any moment, providing a diverse gameplay experience. The game begins with a sector map where players can choose from various areas with different difficulty levels and objectives. Initially, players can only afford a single ship, making the game quite difficult. However, as they gain experience, they unlock the ability to hire additional ships into their fleet, adding an interesting strategic layer to the gameplay.

The game features a tactical view where players can control their ships by selecting and issuing commands to them. However, it seems that players cannot currently command the rest of their fleet while piloting one ship, which is a feature that was present in a similar game called “Star Citizen.” The game is still in early access and is continuously being developed, so additional features may be introduced in the future. To progress and improve their fleet, players must undertake missions and contracts, which offer credits and experience points. Completing missions also affects the influence of enemy actions in different sectors of the sector map, providing a sense of persistence and progression.

In terms of combat, the game does not offer the full six degrees of freedom typically found in space dogfighting games. The ship simply follows the player’s cursor and can accelerate, decelerate, and rotate along its axis. The combat requires precision in aiming weapons, including primary and secondary weapons, as well as missiles. However, due to the lack of lateral and vertical thrusters, combat often becomes focused and relies on precise aiming and quick maneuvers. Despite this limitation, the combat is described as fun and intense, providing an engaging experience for players who enjoy tactical shooters.