New Ships & Features August Update | 3.20, 4.0 & What's Next For Star Citizen

The August update for Star Citizen introduces various new features and improvements, including enhanced AI, new ships, rebalancing of the economy, revitalization of game modes, and updates to graphics and locations. Despite resources being focused on CitizenCon, development continues with many exciting updates on the horizon for players to look forward to.

In the August update for Star Citizen, there are a lot of new features and developments to look forward to. The AI team has been working on combat-focused features, improving cover usage, perception, and AI reactions. They have also been assigning different states to various animals, such as rats, bats, and birds. AI audio stimuli and navigation links have been improved as well.

On the art side, the Headhunters gang assets have seen more work, along with the completion of the Tumbril Cyclone ship and two new variants of an existing ship. The development of a new concept ship, possibly the Apollo, is also underway. The Santokar ship is nearly complete and will soon move on to paints. The Origin X1 is entering the gray box phase.

The economy team has started planning a rebalance to Cargo and the related experience, which is much needed. In Arena Commander, work has been done to revitalize the game mode and prepare for the return of the Theaters of War mode. Character and weapon development has focused on weapon poses and procedural recoil. Mission updates include improvements to events like the Siege of Orison and the development of a new global event called Blockade Runner.

The graphics team has made improvements to water simulation, lighting, and bullet impact effects. The locations team has progressed with various Pyro locations, while the narrative team has been working on multiple missions and location populations. Online services have introduced self-moderation tools to give players more control over their gaming experience. The UI and VFX teams have also been busy supporting Pyro-related content.

Overall, despite resources being diverted to CitizenCon, development is still ongoing with many exciting updates and features coming in the near future for Star Citizen.