New Missions Could Add More Needed Diversity to Star Citizen Gameplay

"New missions in salvage, package retrieval, and other combinations of gameplay could make Star Citizen more interesting for the average player. But how scalable will these missions be given the “modular” style of building them?

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In this video, the host discusses the upcoming new missions that are being developed for Star Citizen. The host begins by expressing excitement about the potential updates to the MobiGlas interface, hoping for a full-on update to improve the user experience. They then delve into the various mission types that are being worked on, including improvements to the law system and the addition of more diversity to the salvage missions. They briefly touch on the concept of cover-up missions, where players have to hide evidence of crimes committed by the Nine Tails faction. They also mention the implementation of reputation into salvage missions, as well as the introduction of new mission types involving platform infiltration and consignment missions.

The host also discusses the new trespass system, which allows ship owners to defend their ships without legal repercussions. Trespassers now face the risk of being attacked by ship owners, making shipboarding PvP more engaging. Additionally, they mention the introduction of bar chases, which allows players to buy information and engage in heists to steal cargo from a Crusader barge. The missions are designed to provide players with a variety of choices, allowing them to choose different sides and potentially make friends with factions. Overall, the host expresses anticipation for these upcoming missions and hopes for more detailed information about how they fit into the larger game world.

In summary, the video highlights the development of new missions for Star Citizen. These include enhancements to the law system, the addition of cover-up missions, the incorporation of reputation into salvage missions, and the implementation of diverse mission types such as platform infiltrations and consignment missions. The video also discusses the new trespass system, which allows ship owners to defend their ships against intruders. Finally, the host briefly touches on the introduction of bar chases, a mission type that involves heists to steal cargo.