My Bold Squadron 42 Prediction

“OK I’m either going to look like a fool or Nostradamus on this but connecting the dots on CIG’s recent Squadron 42 actions has me ready to put a stake in the ground about this year’s Citizencon.”

This year’s Invictus Launch Week sale saw the Squadron 42 add-on package removed from the Pledge store without prior warning. Initial theories surrounding this move suggested that the removal could be attributed to a product list update for Invictus ships. On the 28th, Zyloh confirmed that the removal was an expected price change and not meant to signify anything else.

Squadron 42 is the single player Standalone game that is the successor to the Wing Commander and Freelancer lines. Developed by CIG, Squadron 42 aims to have players feeling like they’re in an A-list movie with a fully rendered 3D motion capture. To keep spoilers to a minimum and build a controlled crescendo until the game is finally ready for play, CIG have been much more secretive about Squadron 42 than the persistent universe.

CIG have remained consistent with the 45 dollar price of the Squadron 42 add-on, indicating that a price change is likely expected and the removal of the product from the store for a week was possibly done to prepare for such a change. Speculation suggests that Squadron 42 will be released for sale in October of 2024, with pre-sales opening at a price range of 65-70. A number of giveaways are also being held to celebrate 10,000 subscribers and the launch of sea 3.20.

Daniel Raymond from Ray’s Guide discusses a prediction he has about the removal of Squadron 42 from the store at its current price. He believes that it signals a larger plan change at CIG to increase the price of the game. He explains that the game is the successor to many series like Wing Commander and Freelancer and provides an interactive story like a movie with A-list actors. He then goes on to discuss the speculation that it is due to some sort of German law that a product without a release date cannot be sold. He believes that CIG will announce the release of Squadron 42 for sale in October 2024, with pre-sales opening at a price between 65 and 70. He finishes by discussing the two giveaways that are in progress, and explaining the secret word for the video.

Daniel Raymond’s prediction about Squadron 42 suggests that CIG will be raising its price after its release. He has several arguments to justify the change, as it has been the same price since it was first released. By providing an amazing gaming experience with fully rendered 3D motion capture, CIG might be wanting to increase the price to reflect the value of the game. To Daniel, the removal of the game from the store prior to the increase in price is likely due to some sort of German law. He further believes that CIG will announce the release date and pre-sale information at CitizenCon in October 2024.

In addition to explaining his prediction, Daniel Raymond also discusses the two giveaways that are being held. He states that the first giveaway is for 10,000 (now 12,000) subscribers for the LTI Halsey and the second is for the Annual ship giveaway for the Winner’s Choice. The secret word for the giveaway is offered at the end of the video.

Daniel Raymond’s prediction about Squadron 42 offers an interesting insight into CIG and what they may plan to do with the game and its pricing. Despite the speculation, only time will tell what CIG’s plans are for the game and if they will raise the price or remain with the original price. In the meantime, those interested can take advantage of the giveaways he mentioned to experience the game.