Mirai Fury LX - Driven by Real Racers

“Mirai assembled top racers from all around the Stanton system to find out what drives them. You’re about to hear from real racers, not actors, about the nature of racing, speed itself, and what x factors truly win races, as the Fury LX is u”

Mirai has brought together a group of real racers from all over the Stanton system to gain insight into what drives them. These are not actors, but genuine individuals with a passion for speed and racing. They share their thoughts on the thrill of controlling their vehicles and the exhilaration of pushing them to their limits.

For these racers, the experience goes beyond just navigating a couple of hairpin turns. They see racing as an art form, where split-second decisions and lightning-fast reflexes can make all the difference. Many of them are drawn to high-stakes races where reputations and monetary rewards are on the line. It’s not just about winning, but also about bringing something meaningful home.

They acknowledge that racing is not only about speed but also about survival. The pilot’s skill and connection with their machine play a crucial role in determining the outcome of a race. While some believe that the ship is what ultimately wins the race, others argue that it is the pilot who truly makes the difference. They mention that even the best pilots can be influenced by the performance of their ship, as different vessels can change the dynamics of the competition.

Mirai introduces their latest creation, the Fury LX, driven by real racers. This vehicle is a testament to the future of performance in racing, incorporating the expertise and input of these skilled individuals. Blackmaze, Croncy, Cor5air, Splen, Crucian, Echobit, and Diplomat are among the racers involved in the development of this cutting-edge machine.

Mirai aims to revolutionize the racing experience in the Star Citizen game, offering players the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of high-speed competition. The Fury LX, driven by real racers, represents a new level of performance and excitement for players to enjoy within the game.

salt-e-mike reacts:

The speaker in the video expresses frustration with the lack of content and issues with the alpha 320 fully loaded trailer for the game Mirai Fury LX, criticizing the decision to focus on features like cargo hauling and racing instead of fixing bugs and improving gameplay. They also criticize the marketing efforts for being misleading and highlight the lack of functionality and value in ships like the Fury.

In this video, the speaker begins by expressing their frustration with the Alpha 320 fully loaded trailer for the game Star Citizen. They mention that the patch is being promoted as fully loaded, but in reality, it lacks content and doesn’t even work properly. They criticize the decision to focus on features like cargo hauling and racing, questioning why these aspects would take precedence over more important issues like fixing bugs and improving gameplay.

The speaker also comments on the disconnect between the marketing efforts and the actual state of the game. They mock the idea that this patch was meant to compete with a game like Starfield and point out various flaws and inconsistencies in the trailers. They express disappointment with the lack of attention to detail, such as non-functional windows and unrealistic gameplay experiences.

Moving on, the speaker briefly touches upon specific gameplay elements like PvP dogfighting skirmishes and salvaging, noting that they are either bugged or time-consuming. They question the usefulness of certain features showcased in the trailers and express incredulity at the number of powerful ships present in some scenes.

Next, the speaker discusses the Fury, another ship featured in a trailer. They acknowledge the excitement surrounding its potential but highlight that it is currently barely functional and lacks essential gameplay features. They emphasize the disingenuous nature of the marketing for a ship that is not only expensive but also not fully usable in the game.

Finally, the speaker concludes by critiquing the disparity between the cost of ships on the website and their actual value in-game. They express solidarity with viewers who are skeptical of purchasing these ships and express frustration with the state of the game and the misleading marketing tactics employed.