Meet the Devs: Dennis Daniel (2015.03.24)

"In this episode meet the IT Manager Dennis Daniel!

Roberts Space Industries is a spacecraft manufacturer within the persistent-world game “Star Citizen” and its companion single-player spacefligh"

Dennis Daniel, the IT manager at Cloud Imperium Games in Santa Monica, shares his excitement for Star Citizen. He first heard about the game during its Kickstarter campaign in late 2012. Dennis is particularly interested in the story and Squadron 42, but he is also thrilled to explore the PU (Persistent Universe) and discover new places, races, and challenges.

When it comes to food, Dennis is a big fan of sushi. He mentions a local band called Durango 95 from Ventura, California as one of his favorites, although deciding on a favorite music band is tough for him. Star Wars is definitely one of his favorite movies, but he also loves the original Blade Runner for its dark and visceral portrayal of a future world.

Dennis has been a fan of the Homeworld series, as he enjoys getting immersed in the intense storytelling and universe. He recalls playing Wing Commander when he was younger, even after initially doubting its existence. The game captured his attention for 12 straight hours, showcasing its engrossing gameplay.

In terms of hobbies, Dennis used to enjoy scuba diving and spent a year in the Philippines learning deep dive techniques. Another hobby of his is traveling. He has traveled extensively, spending a year exploring Europe and Asia and taking another trip back to Asia a couple of years later.

Lastly, Dennis expresses his admiration for the team working on Star Citizen. Having firsthand experience with the dedication and long hours put into the game’s development, Dennis encourages fans to “keep the faith” and assures them that the team’s commitment stems not just from it being a job but also from their own passion and desire to create an exceptional gaming experience.