Medrunners Drama!

This video discusses drama surrounding an organization called Med Runners in Star Citizen, a space simulation game. Med Runners is a medical organization that has gained popularity quickly. However, a small YouTuber named Carl made a video telling people not to join the organization, and other people agreed with him, saying that the organization had draconian rules. This caused some distress to the leaders of Med Runners, and the video creator suggests that this is common with growing organizations. He advises org leaders to view such feedback as a learning opportunity to make changes to improve their orgs.

Montoya shares his experience with his own organization, Test Squadron, which started small and grew quickly. He explains that there will always be people who will criticize and dislike organizations. His organization grew by creating divisions for every kind of game loop, such as mining, salvaging, medical, exploration, and piracy. He suggests that it’s better to spread oneself out along as many other game loops as possible to avoid losing interest in the organization. The video ends with the creator advising leaders of all organizations to view criticism as a learning opportunity and to work on improving their organizations.