Massively OP: Star Citizen Worst Business Model Award 2023!

The speaker responds to an article from Massively OP that criticizes Star Citizen’s business model, arguing that the game’s record-breaking revenue and playable state indicate its success. They refute claims of scam or cult-like behavior, acknowledge some valid concerns, and express their positive bias towards Star Citizen.

In a video, the speaker discusses an article from Massively OP that criticizes Star Citizen’s business model, awarding it the “Worst MMO Business Model” for 2023. The speaker questions the basis for this award, pointing out that Star Citizen has raised a record-breaking $114 million in revenue for the year, indicating that the company is doing something right. They argue that even though the game is still in an unfinished state, it is playable and offers a unique game-as-a-service experience. The speaker acknowledges their bias towards Star Citizen but criticizes the black-and-white approach of publications like Massively OP, stating that it lacks nuance.

The speaker goes on to address specific points made in the article. They refute claims that Star Citizen is a scam or a cult, highlighting the game’s growing number of backers and the fact that it continues to capture players’ attention. They also discuss the criticism of selling digital ships and the potential pricing of Squad 42, a standalone single-player campaign. The speaker acknowledges some valid concerns, such as the inability to retrieve lost purchased items in the game, but argues that ultimately, adults can make their own decisions about how they spend their money.

The speaker concludes by summarizing the article’s overall bias against Star Citizen and its negative portrayal of the game’s business model. They express their anticipation for next year’s article and reiterate their positive bias towards Star Citizen. They thank their viewers and subscribers for their support and invite them to continue following their content.