Mahli Goes To Orison: Part 3

"O-M-G this trip was wild! But thanks for the experience Origin Jumpworks!

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Roberts Space Industries is a space"

In the video, Mahli finds herself in a difficult situation as she wakes up with her head hurting and encounters what she believes to be pirates. Determined to keep rolling and see what happens, she spots a shuttle, hoping it can be her way out. However, her hopes are dashed when a Crusader Security officer approaches, only to be killed by the same person Mahli was trying to escape.

Despite the disturbing and chaotic scene around her, Mahli manages to keep her composure as she navigates through the wreckage. She notices blood and expresses her disgust at the sight. Searching for the shuttle that can potentially rescue her, Mahli finally spots it in the distance and musters the courage to make her way towards it. She nervously encourages the person responsible for the chaos to keep moving in the opposite direction.

However, her plan doesn’t go as expected as she realizes that the shuttle she believed to be her escape is not the right one. Panicking, Mahli lets out a scream, expressing her frustration with the situation. As the video ends, Mahli reflects on the wild experience and mentions that she is now back on the luxurious 890 Jump ship, headed towards New Babbage for the IAE (Intergalactic Aerospace Expo).

Despite encountering danger and witnessing troubling events, Mahli remains resilient and determined to attend the expo. She emphasizes that the fanatical pirates she encountered were not enough to slow her down, highlighting her perseverance and eagerness to enjoy the Origin Jumpworks experience at the event.