LTI Polaris Giveaway 3.19 Celebrate

In this video, YouTuber the Noobifier is celebrating the channel almost reaching 75,000 subscribers and is giving away three awesome prizes for the viewers. As the crux of the video, the Noobifier is giving away a Polaris with Lifetime Insurance, with funds coming from the Support Patron members of the channel. To enter, viewers must be subscribers of the channel and post something in the comments section of the video. The deadline for the draw is on the 2nd of June 2023 at midnight with winners being selected at random. If we achieve the goal of 75,000 subscribers, the Noobifier will choose a second winner for a MISC Fury and third winner of an RSI Lynx Rover.

In order to make it succeed, the Noobifier seeks the help of his viewers to spread the news as much as possible and telling as many people as they can even if they don’t play Star Citizen.

As a way to grow awareness for Star Citizen, the Noobifier hopes that more people get involved so that it also helps the channel to grow. With the generosity from its Patron members, the contest will be able to fund the development. As the Noobifier put it, this is a win-win situation as it helps the game as well as the channel.