Lack of HONESTY, CONSISTENCY and RESPECT : Elite Dangerous developer Frontier (updated in descr)

In this video, content creator Yanux expresses disappointment with Frontier Developments, accusing them of withholding a review copy for their game Elite Dangerous. Yanux questions the company’s honesty, consistency, and respect towards their community and content creators, highlighting the importance of unbiased reviews and fair treatment for all media.

In this video, the content creator Yanux discusses their disappointment with Frontier Developments, the developer of the game Elite Dangerous. Yanux, who has been creating content for the game for four years, requested a review copy of the next expansion but was told that they were only providing limited keys to their “core content creators and the press.” Yanux argues that digital keys can be easily replicated and accuses Frontier of creating artificial scarcity to avoid giving them a key. They also express confusion as to what qualifies as a “core content creator.”

Yanux questions why Frontier would deny their request for a review copy, especially considering their experience in creating explicit and critical content for the game. They believe that an unbiased review, even from a critical perspective, would be valuable for informing customers about the expansion’s quality. They suggest that perhaps Frontier is afraid of their opinion or there may be something they don’t want Yanux to see and share with their audience. Yanux also criticizes Frontier for using their community, media, and fans as an extended marketing wing instead of providing meaningful engagement.

The content creator notes that this is not the first time Frontier has exerted influence on what should and should not be said about their game. They mention having received review copies in the past, but now feel as though there is a personal vendetta against them from someone within the company. Yanux questions whether customers can trust a company that selectively provides information and keys based on their own criteria. They also express disappointment in Frontier’s handling of information distribution and question their ability to be a publisher.

Overall, Yanux feels let down by Frontier’s lack of honesty, consistency, and respect towards their community and content creators. They highlight the importance of unbiased reviews and fair treatment for all media, regardless of their perspective or critical nature.