Kicking butz n taking gems - Star Citizen Piracy Gameplay - 3.13

“Another hit from the squad who came across a Cutty Black out in the wastes of Arial doing a spot of ROC mining.”

In this Star Citizen gameplay video, the player engages in piracy activities in version 3.13 of the game. They start off by heading to a location called Om and encounter another player named Kick Butz. Kick Butz takes control of a ship called Drake Cutlass Black and starts flying away. The player notices another contact on their left, which turns out to be the ship Kick Butz is with. The player’s goal is to protect their prize from any potential attackers.

The player and their team notice that Kick Butz is not shooting at them, so they suspect that they may be attacking the other ship instead. The player’s team communicates and plans to protect their prize. Kick Butz eventually leaves the Cutlass Black and another player takes over as the pilot. The player’s team follows Kick Butz while one team member stays behind to monitor the Cutlass Black that had left earlier.

The player’s team engages in a battle with Kick Butz and their team using different tactics, including trying to disable their shields. They communicate with each other and coordinate their actions. At one point, the player’s team manages to disable Kick Butz’s ship, causing it to explode. The player’s team then lands on the ground, collects resources from the wreckage, and stores them in their suits.

The team discusses their inventory and how much each suit can hold. They allocate items to different team members and aim to get all the resources stored in suits for easy transportation. They also discuss the possibility of calling for reinforcements if needed. Finally, they successfully gather the resources and prepare to make their exit, prioritizing the safety of their team members and the valuable items they have obtained.

Overall, the video showcases a strategic piracy gameplay experience in Star Citizen version 3.13, where the player’s team engages in combat, protects their prize, collects resources, and plans their escape.