Kerbal Space Program 2 - New Info On Colonies and Resources

“The latest AMA for Kerbal Space Program 2 goes into some details on colonies and resources, detailing a little on how we can expect them both to work. Meanwhile, the new Dev Update confirms that work on KSP2’s science update is continuing.”

The development update for Kerbal Space Program 2 reveals that the game is full steam ahead on feature development for the upcoming science update, which is going to be the first major update for KSP2. The science update is set to include a thermal system, new parts, performance and stability enhancements, and more. Additionally, the development team is also working on a few new parts, including vacuum-optimized engines with extensible nozzles.

The AMA with game designer director Nate Simpson reveals that KSP2 is moving away from opaqueness and focusing on approachability. The game is being designed to provide players with the information and guidance needed to make decisions, particularly when it comes to rocketry and orbital mechanics. The team is also planning to equip instruments to predict landing sites for delivery paths, which will help players land precisely at near colonies to deliver resources.

The update also touches on the most controversial change made in patch 2, which was to maneuver nodes. The change made it impossible for players to plan maneuvers beyond their fuel allotments, as it was adding confusion and telling players they could perform a maneuver that they couldn’t. However, the team still plans to give players the ability to effectively plan these maneuvers, even if they don’t have fuel, in future updates.