Is the RSI Arrastra WORTH A BUY? HELL YES!

The video discusses the RSI Arrastra, a new concept ship from Robert Space Industries. It offers a 64 SCU internal capacity, an onboard refinery, and three size three lasers on remote turrets, making it a valuable mining ship that may replace other models in its price range.

In this video, The Eradicator discusses the RSI Arrastra, a new concept ship from Robert Space Industries (RSI). He begins by acknowledging the ever-changing nature of concept ships and advises viewers to take everything with a grain of salt. The Arrastra is priced at $525 with fresh money or $575 with store credits, which is close to the price of the Orion, another RSI ship currently sold at $650. The Arrastra has a 64 SCU internal capacity, and with additional cargo boxes, it can reach a capacity of 512 SCU, surpassing the Orion’s planned 384 SCU. Moreover, the Arrastra features a refinery on board, eliminating the need to visit other refineries. It also has three size three lasers on remote turrets, allowing for mining from various angles without exposing the miner to hostile environmental conditions.

The interior of the Arrastra is described as cozy and comfortable, while also offering enough space in its garage for two mining vehicles. The Eradicator suggests that the Arrastra could potentially replace the original Orion, which may be significantly larger and have a higher capacity than initially pitched. With its features, the Arrastra renders the Mole, a mining ship priced at $315, obsolete. The Mole lacks an onboard refinery, has only 96 SCU capacity, and its turrets expose miners to environmental hazards. The Eradicator predicts that the price of the Arrastra may increase to around $750 in the future.

The release date for the Arrastra is expected to be after the completion of the Polaris, as the Polaris will set the standard for the RSI range. The Eradicator suggests that the Arrastra may be seen during CitizenCon and could potentially be released before the end of 2024. However, he advises viewers to remember to spend within their means, as the Arrastra will eventually be available in the game with in-game currency. He concludes by sharing his excitement about the Arrastra and mentions that he has personally upgraded from the Mole to the Arrastra. He invites viewers to share their thoughts on the ship in the comments section.

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The video discusses the RSI Arrastra and its potential worth as a purchase in comparison to other mining ships like the Mole. It highlights the advantages of the Arrastra, such as its larger capacity, onboard Refinery, and comfort, while also noting the uncertainties surrounding its release date and cautioning against overspending.

The video discusses whether the RSI Arrastra ship is worth buying, with the presenter expressing excitement about its features and value compared to other mining ships. He highlights its larger capacity, better turret placement, and on-board refinery, suggesting it would be a great replacement for the Mole ship.