Is MOZA Killing Fanatec? Is the R9 That Good?

Maze Racing is a company that have been in the technology industry since 2012, and recently they have released the R9, a mid-high entry direct drive wheelbase. This wheelbase sells for between 400 and 450 dollars and when paired with aSRP pedals and an R3 300 CSV2 Rim, the whole system can be bought for under a thousand dollars. The R9 is a very compact 9 Newton direct drive wheelbase and comes with great features like a quick disconnect metal hub, universal design and clear branding. The rear cover of the wheelbase is the only part that is plastic.

The software for the Maze R9 called Penthouse provides a great range of force feedback options and seeks to replicate the feeling and texture of driving a real car. It can be adjusted and fine-tuned via an app with all the basics, such as four strength wheel angle inertia and dampener to dial in the experience easily accessible. Maze are also really good at providing more options further down the line, allowing users to explore all the wheels beyond the regular Maze Wheels which can be easily attached to the wheelbase with a blank hub.

The performance of the Maze R9 is great, providing a great experience of road texture, bumps and engine vibration which all translate well in games. It is a high quality product and also features a passive cooling system which allows it to operate for hours and hours without getting too warm. All in all, Maze have released a really great wheelbase that is great value for money and can offer users a great direct drive experience.