Is Chris Roberts Worried about Starfield? Release Squadron 42!

In this video, the YouTuber discusses whether Chris Roberts, the founder of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), is worried about the upcoming game Starfield, developed by Bethesda Studios. The YouTuber compares the development processes and financial models of CIG and Bethesda, emphasizing that CIG’s crowdfunding model means they face less pressure to deliver on time and have no financial risks. While Starfield has a larger following, the YouTuber believes that the release of Starfield could actually generate more interest in Squadron 42, a game developed by CIG. The YouTuber also proposes a stealth launch for Squadron 42, suggesting that it could create a bigger buzz without the negative press associated with missing deadlines.

The YouTuber then reflects on the importance of a clean launch for Squadron 42, as it would bring validation and profitability to CIG. They discuss the potential shortcomings of CIG’s Persistent Universe (PU), highlighting various issues such as low performance and broken missions. The YouTuber suggests that the development focus should be on improving the PU to accommodate the influx of new players expected after Squadron 42’s launch.

The video concludes by asking viewers to share their thoughts and answer questions: whether Chris Roberts is worried about Starfield, if CIG will announce the release of Squadron 42 at CitizenCon, and how they feel about the proposed stealth launch. Ultimately, the success of Squadron 42’s launch and the stability of the PU are crucial for CIG to capitalize on the momentum and validate the project.

In a video titled “Is Chris Roberts Worried about Starfield?” by The Noob Fire, the creator discusses whether Chris Roberts, the founder of Cloud Imperium Games (CIG), is concerned about the upcoming release of Starfield, a game developed by Bethesda. The creator argues that CIG and Bethesda operate differently and have different requirements, so there is no need for Roberts to be worried. CIG’s crowdfunding model allows them to avoid personal investment and the pressure from corporate entities, whereas Bethesda relies on their own funds or external backing. The creator suggests that Starfield’s release may even generate more interest in space sim RPGs overall, which would benefit both games. The creator also proposes a stealth launch for Squadron 42, a highly anticipated game by CIG, suggesting that it would be unexpected and garner significant attention.

However, the creator acknowledges that Squadron 42 needs to be released soon as it may start to feel outdated compared to next-gen games. They believe that the Persistent Universe (PU) of Star Citizen should be improved and more polished before releasing Squadron 42 to ensure a better player experience. The creator discusses the challenges CIG has faced with missed deadlines and the continuous growth of crowdfunding. They argue that rather than a traditional announcement and media hype, a surprise launch of Squadron 42 could generate a buzz and bring new players to the game.

Overall, the creator does not believe Chris Roberts is worried about Starfield and suggests that CIG and Bethesda have different approaches. They propose a stealth launch for Squadron 42 as a unique way to generate excitement and interest.