Invictus 2953 - Day 7 Warbond CCUs

“Constellation Aquila is the WB CCU today, the Ursa Lynx is released to live and a new concept tank is available to purchase as well.”

Day seven of Invictus FYI brought us an update video from the Exp Hall where manufacturers such as Argo, Tumbril, Origin, RSI, and Consolidated Outland filled the exhibit hall. Despite the hopes of an unannounced Ranger series release, they had to settle for a modified Ursa transport vehicle available for rental and a brand-new concept - the Tumbril Storm - viewable in the Hall of Viewers. The CCU reveal for the day was the Constellation Aquila, with a higher priced war bonus CCU to add to one’s chain collection. Other possible options include the Blade during alien week, the Sentinel and Talon bomber available throughout the year, or the Ranger Series Bikes, Origin G12, Storm, SRV (Apollo Triage and Medevac), Perseus, and Polaris concept ships. While concept ships always rise in price before they go live, taking a CCU will lock in the cheaper price of the ship before its launch.

This episode of Invictus FYI reminds us to pay attention to the new concepts released, especially if it can help fit within one’s chain aspirations. Ranging from transport vehicles to mini tanks, there is now an array of choices for those looking to build their chain. Furthermore, locking in the CCU can ensure a retail price not affected by market rises prior to launch.

In conclusion, the episode offered a clear understanding of the current CCUs available as well as how investing in concept ships now can help ensure a cheaper price in the future. With this knowledge, viewers can hopefully build the perfect chain tailored to their needs and style.