Invictus 2953 - Day 4 Warbond CCUs

“Warlock Warbond plus some speculative concept ships.”

Invictus is in its fourth day and CIG has encouraged everyone to be united in purpose for saving money. The Vulture and a lower-priced Aegis Warlock are available as a Warbond CCU and there are a lot of ships on offer in the $60-$65 range for this latter upgrade. There’s a number of concept ships, such as the Spirit A1, Vulcan and Nautilus that are currently available and speculating on such ships can save cash. Additionally, there’s a Cutter giveaway when 50 more subscribers come in. After that Spirit C1 will be given away.

CCU fits perfectly into the Defender chain for a lot of people, so hopefully this fits into some of the chains as well. Choosing Wisely is important for CCU upgrades and there are multiple options available at hand.

As a sign of gratitude for subscription, a Cutter will be given away once 50 more subscribers join in. After that, a free Spirit C1 will be up for grabs. So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the offers, make your saving and upgrade your ships during this Invictus to get the best deals.